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The Top 5 Benefits of Month-to-Month Electricity with No Deposit

When you have a down financial time in life, it seems like absolutely no company could care less about you. In fact, if you’re having a hard time paying your bill, they want to tack on fees and interest. Ironically, when you need help, assistance can often get more difficult. Electricity in Texas can be … Continue reading The Top 5 Benefits of Month-to-Month Electricity with No Deposit

How Much Does Your Electricity REALLY Cost?

Do you pay the advertised rate for electricity? Do you even remember the rate you were promised? Electric companies know consumers like you forget these things. And many Texas REPs have figured out how to slip additional fees right underneath your nose without you even knowing it. They promise you a certain rate. But you … Continue reading How Much Does Your Electricity REALLY Cost?

Why Does Electricity in Texas Cost What It Does?

Research studies have pointed out that electricity rates in Texas may have actually increased since deregulation. But at least one study has found that excess expense continues to shrink. Why all this confusion with electricity rates? Why has deregulation actually driven costs up for many Texans? Let’s Shed Some Light on The Issue Buying in … Continue reading Why Does Electricity in Texas Cost What It Does?

Why Prepaying Electric Customers Save More Electricity and Money

Believe it or not, prepaying electricity customers save more money on their electricity bills than post-paying customers. Why? Is it because they typically come to us in a hard financial situation that didn’t allow them to be a post-paying customer?

Save a Few Jacksons with This President’s Day Energy Savings Guide

Our nation’s forefathers were highly skeptical of powerful individuals because of their experiences with the king of England. So, they figured, who better to put in power than a proven leader who didn’t have much ambition to be president?

The 2018 Guide to Valentine’s Day Energy Savings

Imagine this: You’ve spent weeks planning an awesome Valentine’s Day surprise for your sweetheart. She’s never going to forget this one! You have no doubt about that. After weeks of anticipation, the big day is finally almost here.

Why You Should Consider a Professional Home Energy Audit

When you talk to most HVAC contractors, what do they want to sell you? A new AC system. Or a furnace. Or a maintenance plan. They want to help you save money.

Energy Savings Quiz – How Much Do You Know?

All right, smarty pants. Think you know everything there is to know about saving energy? Maybe you do. …And maybe you don’t.

4 Tips to Keep Your Energy Bills Low During Winter Cold Spells

Texas weather can be all over the place. Some days it’s 50 degrees, and then others it’s 25 - or even less. When it gets that cold outside, what can you do to keep your energy efficiency reasonable so you don’t find yourself whacked with a massive bill at the end of the month?

The Early Bird’s Guide to Saving Energy When Moving to a New Home

Spring isn’t here. …But down here in Texas, it will be soon. And spring usually means homebuyers are out and about. Perhaps you may even shop for your first home.

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