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Refer-a-Friend Credits

Refer a Friend To Sign Up, and You Both Get $20

Love Pronto Power’s pay-as-you-go electricity? Feel like you get no-hassle, straightforward service, and the lowest rates, just like we advertised?

It’s refreshing in the hyper-competitive Texas electricity market.

But there’s no catches, confusing guidelines, or short time limits.

Simply refer your friend. When they sign up for Pronto Power’s service:

That payment goes toward your electricity. It’s not a sign-up or connection fee. Remember, we’re a no-deposit electricity company.

It shouldn’t work any other way. You should get rewarded for helping Pronto Power grow – and getting your friend access to the lowest electricity rates in Texas.

Nearly all homes with smart meters can get connected within an hour of signing up. If you’ve been referred, make sure you mention that when you sign up so you and your friend get your $20 reward.

Just call 1.844.621.2852 to sign up today.

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