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5,0 valoración
agosto 1, 2020

Referí un amigo hoy ala 1:00 pm le dijieron 1 a 2 horas pondrían su luz y no le a llegado es un inresponsablidad su nombre es elias mejia

Orlin palma


5,0 valoración
mayo 8, 2020

I’m a new customer and i would just like to say, you guyz rule. I’m lovin the pronto Power.
Keep up the good work👌👍



5,0 valoración
noviembre 20, 2019

I just wanted to shine the spotlight on an employee that works at the call center named Aaron(Erin)??.. he was delightfully pleasant, patient and what above and beyond to ensure my service was restored. He was refreshing!

Rose Maze


5,0 valoración
septiembre 6, 2019

i love the fact that i can see my daily usage and cost best company i have ever dealt with

Cheryl Akins


5,0 valoración
agosto 16, 2019

Hands down the best pre pay electric company. And Daniel was very professional and the combination just made it very easy and comfortable to sign up with pronto.

Christian Gilbert

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